Alien Knight Steals the Bride (Lumerian Knights Book 2)

Lumerian Knights, Book 2

Lumerian Knight Torrin Llahsab has spent months as a prisoner of the evil Vilitos with one goal, a single purpose…survive, escape, track an ancient artifact before it can be used to destroy more of his people. When an opportunity comes at last, he is moments from stealing an enemy ship and making his escape, when he sees a beautiful human woman, bound and gagged, tormented by the evil guards. Weak and injured, he risks everything to save the female. He is a protector. A defender. It’s what he is to his core and he cannot simply walk away…

Light years from Earth, Nurse Juliette Rosen is having one hell of a bad week. Captured by aliens, put in chains and flown light years from home, she’s sure she’s going to end up as a science experiment, or worse; until a gorgeous stranger risks everything to save her, nearly dying to break her free of the enemy ship. He’s beautiful, strong, and mortally wounded.

The desire she feels is undeniable, but now it’s her turn to risk everything. Her life. Her freedom. The wild black market on an unknown alien world. And worst of all, an evil, murderous alien is determined to take her as his next bride…and his next victim.

Will her knight protector be able to steal the bride before it’s too late?

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